What Kind Of Puzzles Are In An Escape Room

What Kind Of Puzzles Are In An Escape Room

Are you preparing for an exciting escape room outing but you don’t know the kind of puzzles to expect? Preparing for the first-ever visit can be a daunting task. This guide helps you understand the 5 common puzzles that you will come across in there.

1. Numbers and Texts

These puzzles don’t require one to hold a degree to solve although they demand a significant mathematic skill. They fall into categories:


Basic math puzzles with puzzle solutions or hints: these puzzles require minimal mathematical skills. They, however, require you put together numbers with wit.

Equations: An array of mathematical symbols and signs may be added on the walls for you to put together.

Missing-letter puzzles and crosswords: they require you to find the right word for the clue.

2. Hidden objects

The first puzzle you will encounter in the escape room will entail discovering hidden objects. These puzzles will require you to observe things critically and apply your imaginations to get solutions. They can come as objects glued beneath the table or a hidden button that reveals the entire puzzle.

3. Design (visualities)


One of the extreme forms of puzzles in escape rooms entails design puzzles. In this type of puzzles, objects are hidden in the easily visible décor in the room. Everything in the room, including décor items (rugs, statues, flowerpots, etc.), and images on walls can have seconds meanings or may give you hints about the next moves.

4. Riddles (puzzles, labyrinths)

Prepare for actual riddle or riddle based puzzles such as crosswords, Sudoku, and mazes as well as real-life escape puzzles and games. At times, you may be given the key to the box or a map to lead you in the maze.

5. Light and sound

If the creators thought that the room’s visual hints were too easy to see, you realize that the room is darkly light. The hints may be designed in such a way that they can only be seen in backlight.