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We feel this is a great strategy for both the brand and user since it allows us to try it out for an adequate amount of time without having to drop some dough. We also know some pro musicians who use Pro Tools only for mixing and mastering and having an additional DAW to make their music from scratch. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC, although with Mac it works a bit better . Please note that we’ve heard a lot of reviews out there state that it’s very buggy on Windows, so use with caution. Just know it takes hours, days, weeks or even months of learning it. But once you do, it’s not only the best music-making decision for you, but perhaps a future career prospect as well.

It’s downloadable and very cheap, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly DAW and one that has been around for decades — this is it. Just an overall solid digital audio workstation for beginners, especially because it’s free. The way they monetize off of the software is basically purchases for more plug-ins, effects, and others; however, you can get away with what it comes with. A nice little touch is it’s compatibility with iPads if that’s what you’re looking for, a trend we’ve seen increase lately. Reaper is pretty unique when it comes to comparing to other DAWs out there.

Take into consideration the level you’re currently at, where you plan on being for the future as well as the overall capabilities you’re looking for. Visit their website or the purchase link we provide for more information. We also tried to throw in the free trials and a few video overviews. We hope this guide has helped continue your music creation journey — keep the questions and comments coming at the end of the guide, we’ve really enjoyed the discussions throughout the years.

It’s 2020 — the digital age is here, and most of the production software out there is up-to-date and very popular. Either way you go with the 10 we’ve listed, you’re getting lifetime support, huge communities with message boards, and YouTube tutorials on any of the software you choose. You can’t really go wrong with one or the other, even if you’re a beginner. There are also many similarities with software so if you do end up switching to a different DAW later down the road, it won’t be completely foreign. If you’re starting out, you don’t necessarily want to get too crazy in terms of a DAW, applications freedownload such as going with Pro Tools right away . You want to start with something that you can easily understand and use in order to get your music-making skills going. In that case, we’d recommend our best beginners music software guide.

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It’s coded by a smaller group of individuals aimed to give us the mere essentials of a DAW without a bunch of features we probably we won’t ever use. You can drag and drop your VST’s and FX, map your MIDI controllers seamlessly, cut, paste, split and edit individual tracks, plug-in support for a majority of creators.

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Reaper by Cockos is one of the most complex digital audio workstations out there but the power this thing can give you if you take the time to learn it is unmatched. If you want to try it out, you can download the software and get it for 60 days and then have to pay to download a license to keep it going.