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LDS Sheet Music brings great music into your home.

Our home benefits greatly from having LDS notes and expert pianists that everyone can share. Here are some ways good music can benefit our family.

Our oldest daughter has become an accomplished pianist, and her younger sister and brother are following in her footsteps. That’s why we always look for LDS notes so we can have good music in our homes. At this point, our first priority was to get through her New Year in college, and when she came home for Christmas break, it was great to hear him play the piano again. This is one of those things that you just take for granted. Some of the benefits I have as a parent of a child who plays good music at home are:

greater peace and harmony in the home.

  • The joy of sharing the talents of a loved one
  • Witness the hard work and commitment of a child developing and growing.
  • good example for his brothers.
  • good influence for everyone in the house.

When our daughter comes home for Christmas, she has a list of requested gifts that interest her for her birthday and Christmas (they are only days apart). After all, it’s the only way (other than gift cards) to shop for teens. And this year, as in past years, she asked for some LDS piano notes.

A few years ago, she really wanted a piano arrangement book of LDS songs. The music she plays from this book has been a joy to many. We have only had to guess from the many books available, and we are very pleased with our selection. This LDS notebook is full of beautiful arrangements. You have been able to share this with family, friends, and members of the church.

My daughter shares her talents and good examples with all of us. She does not remain stagnant but continues to nurture and develop her talents. With the guidance of her grandmother, she has largely encouraged and taught herself. When she went to college last semester, she took piano lessons to develop her reading and visual skills. With other people, like music directors, she’s a little scary, but we all noticed when she came home for Christmas that her sight-reading ability had improved dramatically. She has a new LDS note, and after playing it just twice, she has the perfect record.

I firmly believe that music affects people.

I remember being at a dance as a teenager when the DJ played the song “Burning Down the House.” At that moment, he sounded the fire alarm. Given the jubilation that is going on, I think most people would be happy if the building was actually lit up. Similarly, metal music can have a positive effect on people. That’s why I feel happy when I hear my children listening to good music, and having LDS notes at home, which lead to good piano music, affects everyone who listens to it.

Another advantage of LDS scores is that you can get them in varying degrees of difficulty. They are mainly written for intermediate to experienced pianists, but there are books for budding pianists with theme songs, a great way for children to learn when playing songs they are familiar with listening to.

So if you have a piano in your house and some beginning or experienced pianists, make sure you have some LDS notes that they can practise and study. This will benefit them and everyone in your household.