It all started with 4 high school friends who had a profound love for music. They wanted to explore different rhythm and sounds until they found where they were best at. They started with some hip-hop and rap. They also tried rhythm and blues. But the genre that they have decided to focus on was synthpop since they say they have fallen in love with the sound of the synthesizer and wanted to incorporate its sound in all of their music. It also made their music distinct. It set them apart from their peers who formed their own bands and copied the music of their favorite performers.

However, the making of the band was not as easy as it sounds. It was difficult especially when they were starting out. They had different things going on in their lives – studies, family, relationships, and other interests. But alas, their love for music prevailed. They made a decision to pursue a career in music, enhancing their musical knowledge and skills. They did not just form their own band and started performing to see where it would lead them. They were serious about their craft. Their passion for music led them to pursue further studies about anything and everything in the music industry. Everything paid off when they won their first award during the Austin Music Award where they were recognized as the Best New Band. And there was no looking back from there. Their career took off and brought them to different places. They say performing on stage always gives them a natural high. They signed a contract with Playing in Traffic Records and has since then recorded 2 studio albums, 2 Eps, and 4 singles. They were also hailed as the Best Indie Group. Now, Speak is poised to make more waves in the music industry.