The band Speak expressed support for Music for Relief. The band joins other artists in this endeavor to help those who have been severely affected by disasters. The band has arranged different shows to be able to raise funds and a portion of their album sales will also go to Music for Relief. They also announced on their website that a portion of their profit from the purchases from their online store would go to Music for Relief. The band has been very active in their advocacy saying that this is the only way that they can reach out and help lessen the burden on those families who have been through a lot of trauma and pain. Music for Relief also makes sure that emergency responders are given proper care and compensation for all their efforts. This is another thing that Speak likes about Music for Relief. They say it is important to ensure the well-being not only of the survivors but also of the responders. The emergency responders play a very crucial part during disaster response. They put their lives on the line to be able to save as many people as possible. They have left the comforts of their homes and families to be one with those who have been affected by calamities. That is why they say that it is equally important to give assistance to survivors and responders. This advocacy is close to their heart since Texas has been hit with some major disasters in the past.

During the fast-moving wildfires in California, Music for Relief responded to the plight of thousands of people who were forced to evacuate from their homes. They also sent assistance to the firefighters who bravely went to the rescue to put out the fire and rescue the families. Speak encourages their fans to support their fundraising campaign for Music for Relief.