Going on a tour is a whole lot of fun. We get to meet different people in and out of the industry. From our humble beginnings in Austin, Texas, we have traveled all over the United States to perform for our supporters. We get to perform on stage with bands that we look up to and have now become our friends in the industry. We have the opportunity to work with so many talented artists and even start collaborations for future work. We get to sing our songs in front of different crowds. It is a pleasure to be able to share your music with others. Seeing the fans singing along to your songs is a different kind of happiness. It instantly connects you with those people using the universal language of music. We never thought we would get this far, literally and figuratively. What started out as just 4 friends trying out different instruments in a backyard in Austin, Texas has now become a band phenomenon known as the Speak. It gives us the chills as we look back on those days and thinking about our younger years. We definitely never thought we would be going on tour to play our music in front of large crowds. We used to be happy just to perform at our school. Yes, going on tour helps put things in perspective for every member of the band. We learn to appreciate what we have now and what we have been through as a band. It also helps a lot that we have been friends since we were young because going on tour can be stressful at times. But since we are friends, we know each other’s moods and quirks and we know how to turn things around when things get tough. Hope to see you during one of our stops!